How to bend a bottle cap backwards

How to Bend a Beer Cap Backwards. Even if you're not a muscle-bound body builder, you can impress your friends and maybe even win a few bets by learning . I believe I read a post awhile back about bending bottle caps backwards or inside out. I tried it the other night and bent one backwards, but not. Folding a bottle cap twice seems impossible to do. This how to video will teach you step by step instruction to make you look like the strongest.

Fold a beer cap in half backwards, fold in two sides then use both thumbs and fingers to bend that bitch. Rip a phonebook in half. This is a good. The bottle cap trick requires a nice ounce glass bottle and a metal of soda bottlecaps won't do the job, and the plastic won't bend properly. some friends of mine have tried bending the caps of beer bottles in . but bending them backwards is hard as hell, i dunno what the rules for.